Dorgan Associates was established in 1988 by Jim Dorgan, BA, MBA, Dip. Gov., MA.

A graduate in economics from the National University of Ireland, Dublin, Jim Dorgan holds masters degrees in business administration from Columbia University, New York, and in International Relations from Dublin City University. He thus combines skills in business, economics and international government.

These skills have been enhanced during a period of 25 years’ experience as a consultant and he has directed or worked on all of the assignments listed in this site. These include studies for a variety of organisations including private sector enterprises, Government departments, state companies, financial and industrial organisations and trade associations. Abroad, he has worked on the EU’s technical assistance programmes in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

He has also carried out a range of policy assignments for committees of the Oireachtas (Irish Houses of Parliament.)

He served for seven years as member of the board of directors of the state owned Irish Steel Company and five years on the boards of the Irish Museum of Modern Art and later, the National Library of Ireland.

Dorgan Associates augments its internal resources by working with specialists in other disciplines through established relations with professional firms, especially in accountancy, legal and environmental sciences. Thus a comprehensive range of services can be provided when required.

Dorgan Associates can undertake studies of all sizes ranging from small assignments involving a few days work, up to major investigations. The client base extends from small firms in rural areas up to major international companies. Dorgan Associates has also worked for the Commission of the European Union.