Other Public Sector

Assistance to the Consumer Panel of the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA), in the preparation of a response to the Regulator?s Consultation Paper on Consumer Protection Code for Moneylenders (CP33).

Preparation of a report for the Consumer Panel of the IFSRA on the possibility and the desirability of a ‘basic banking’ service in Ireland.

Advice to Financial Services Authority of Ireland (Consumer Consultative Panel) on EU Proposals for Directives in the Financial Sector (2005).

Evaluation of public sector investment in inland fisheries (Inland Fisheries, 1996).

Feasibility Study: Maritime Visitor Attraction (Wicklow County Council – 1993).

Evaluation of Status of WTO Negotiations on Transport (Forfas, 2002).

Turnover and Retention of Staff in the Tourist Industry (with Goodbody Economic Consultants, Council for Education, Recruitment and Training in Tourism (CERT), 1995).