Economics and Sector Studies

Economics and Sector Studies

Review of Farmer Attitudes to Forestry (with Collier Broderick for Coford).

Marketing of Non Wood Forest Products (with Collier Broderick for Coford).

Telecommunications and the Information Society (preparation of a report for the Irish Business Employers Confederation, (IBEC)).

Preparation of reports and advice on policy for development of the Irish music industry. (The Music Industry Group of Irish Business Employers Confederation). 

Advice on policy for development of the Irish audiovisual industry. (Audiovisual Federation of Irish Business Employers Confederation).

Tourism:Evaluation of a proposed maritime museum (Wicklow County Council).

Review for the Irish Aerospace Industries (Irish Federation of Aerospace Industries).

Market for Audio Visual Services in Ireland (Private sector client).

Various studies including evaluation of economies of Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (leading Irish financial institution).

Monitoring of the Irish economy (various private sector clients).

Monitoring of investment and new job creation in Irish industry (Scottish Enterprise).